Hardwipe is free for individual use...

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You can easily create your own translations if your own language is not available.

Requirements: Windows 8, 7 (64-bit desktop)

No need to uninstall an existing installation — just run the installer to update and keep your existing settings.

V5 Technology Preview

You can now download a preview of the next major release of Hardwipe, version 5, planned for 2015.

Use of the Software

Hardwipe is free for individual use. Certain advanced features are restricted to a professional upgrade. The free version of the software will also show ads from its own interface window and will occasionally invite you to upgrade to the professional version. However, you will not be required to do so and the software won't stop working if you don't.

No third-party adware

Hardwipe does not contain any third-party adware, or third-party "extras" of any sort, and it will not populate your web-browser with toolbars. It can be uninstalled easily and fully.

Commercial organisations wishing to deploy the software within an enterprise environment should contact support to discuss licensing requirements. Feature requests pertaining to enterprise use can also be considered.

Changes in 4.1.2

Release Codename: Maverick Mackerel

Minor Updates

  • Update: Hardwipe no longer shows multi-card reader drives/devices which are "off-line"

Version History

4.1.1 (Maverick Mackerel)

Minor Updates

  • Bug fix: Failed to load from shell menu
  • Bug fix: Language translation of "Toolbar" page tab didn't work

4.1.0 (Maverick Mackerel)

Important Updates

This release provides improvements to the toolbar intended to facilitate additional features in the future...

  • The toolbar settings under in the main menu have been removed, and instead there is now a new toolbar tab in the options window
  • It is now possible to select which buttons are shown in the toolbar, and to configure its background color
  • An "Apply" button has been added to the options window

Minor Updates

  • Improvement to toolbar appearance
  • Update of the "Check Translations" feature
  • Bug fix: Help tips on drop-down tool buttons weren't working
  • Other minor updates & fixes

4.0.3 (Maverick Mackerel)

Minor Updates

  • Bug fix: Explorer shell menus did not properly work on some systems since transition to 64 bit
  • Bug fix: Option to show icons on shell menus did not stay checked

4.0.2 (Maverick Mackerel)

Minor Updates

  • Bug fix: Version 4.0.1 failed to run properly on many systems

4.0.1 (Maverick Mackerel)

Important Changes

  • Code base transitioned to pure 64-bit. Support for Windows XP and 32-bit variants ends with this release
  • Transition from Qt4 to Qt5
  • Option added to wipe the recycler contents with admin (elevated) privileges. (Note that use of this option will successfully wipe orphaned recycler files that previously resulted in "access denied" errors.)

Minor Updates

  • Bug fix: Failure to detect "verification errors" when cleaning free space under certain conditions (cleaning process would hang indefinitely)
  • Change: Physical device wiping now restricted to paid "upgrade"
  • Other minor updates & fixes

3.2.0 - 4.0.0

These were beta versions with restricted availability. See 4.0.1 for changes.

3.1.1 (Crazy Carp)

Minor Updates

  • Bug fix/change: Added pause-retry if the Windows shell denies access when overwriting files
  • Bug fix: Log window was not recording error cause on individual items
  • Bug fix: Intermittent failure of auto "power off" option
  • Bug fix: Icons now sharper on tool windows under higher DPIs
  • Change: Images now used for ads in free version
  • Other minor updates & fixes

3.1.0 (Crazy Carp)

Important Changes

  • Simplified overwriting speed control. The "auto-throttle" feature has been removed, and instead it is now possible to set the speed simply as "Maximum", "Medium" and "Slow". The associated "auto-throttle" tab page in the options window has also been removed

Minor Updates

  • Added right click pop-up menu to main window
  • Update to license agreement to allow magazine DVD redistribution
  • Bug fix: The overwrite scheme, speed setting, and verification selection are all now preserved when elevating UAC
  • Bug fix: Window icon now looks sharper under Windows 8
  • Other minor updates & fixes

3.0.4 (Crazy Carp)

Minor Updates

  • Installer update to deploy application for all users
  • Bug fix: Shell context menus not installing correctly on some machines (related to above change)

3.0.3 (Crazy Carp)

Important Changes

  • New wipe physical device task
  • New wipe Windows recycler task
  • Icon graphics added to Explorer context menus
  • New dialog window for selecting drive items
  • New upgrade option to disable ads
  • Task analysis is now performed after "Start" (optional)

Minor Updates

  • Added play system sound option
  • Added default verification option
  • Added option to perform task analysis before "Start"
  • Removed auto-throttle on fixed disks only option
  • QT libraries updated
  • Bug Fix: Some languages not displaying properly
  • Bug Fix: Portable short-cut did not elevate UAC
  • Bug Fix: Verification check box value not preserved when UAC elevation
  • Other minor updates & fixes

3.0.0 - 3.0.2 (Crazy Carp)

These versions were alpha and beta versions with restricted availability.

2.1.0 (Perky Pike)

Important Changes

  • New "Portable Edition" created.
  • User is now able to install and update "language packs" themselves.
  • The previously "embedded" Spanish & French languages are now available as separate language packs.
  • Advertising added to main application window.
  • The large "speed control buttons" have been removed and replaced with a smaller drop-down box.
  • The application now closes by default after wiping a file from within Explorer. This behavior is configurable.

Minor Updates

  • Added update reminder feature.
  • QT libraries updated to latest version.
  • Other minor user interface updates.
  • Bug Fix: Clean free space failed with very large FAT32 formatted drives.
  • Bug Fix: Orphaned windows shutcuts were not listed in the built-in file dialog.

2.0.0 (Happy Halibut)

Important Changes

  • Re-working of the core disk overwriting implementation.
  • Verification now available with any sanitization scheme.
  • Robustness when encountering write failures (experimental at this stage).
  • Ability to select multiple drives when performing "Wipe Drive".
  • Wipe Drive command now requests UAC admin on demand.
  • Big performance improvement when wiping drives.
  • Settings window re-design and new options added.
  • Audit logging improvements.

Minor Updates

  • Changes of user interface controls.
  • User interface controls updated for touch operation.
  • Changed "Run Admin" in context menu to "Run Standalone".
  • Removed "Admin" toolbar button (it was too prominent).
  • Improvements to the installer.
  • Bug Fix: Drive details were sometimes obscured in icon mode of file/drive selector window.
  • Bug Fix: Language translations are not always shown on some controls.


Important Changes

  • Status changed from "beta" to "release".
  • Improved menu and animation graphics.
  • Clear swap-file placeholder menu removed for the time being.

Minor Updates

  • Other bug fixes and minor updates.

1.4.0 Beta

Important Changes

  • Implemented the "Wipe Drive" function. This overwrites a logical drive at the volume level.

Minor Updates

  • The "Auto-shutdown" feature no longer needs elevated privileges.
  • Other bug fixes and minor updates.

1.3.0 Beta

Important Changes

  • Implemented the Gutmann overwrite scheme.
  • Added the "Random Overwrite" scheme (now the default).
  • Temporarily disabled "wipe drive" function while it is the focus of development.
  • Major performance improvement when writing to USB devices.

Minor Updates

  • Files truncated to zero size after overwrite.
  • Added "Admin" toolbar button.
  • Added "default scheme" setting.
  • Improvements to the installer.
  • Improvements to Explorer shell context extensions.
  • Fixed text placement at higher DPIs.
  • Changes to interface text and menus.
  • Other bug fixes and minor updates.

1.2.1 Beta

  • Fixed bug preventing cleaning operation.
  • Fixed memory bug in relation to loading and saving of log text between application launches.

1.2.0 Beta

  • Added "Shutdown Computer" on completion feature.
  • Minor updates.

1.1.0 Beta

  • First publicly available version.